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Halo - Zizou Corder OK, so technically this is probably a kid's/young teens book. But I really liked it! OK, so the writing is a little simplistic, OK so maybe a few too many coincidences happen for it to be believable, but I loved it all the same :)Set in Ancient Greece - little Halo is brought up by the centaurs who find her washed up on the beach. When she's about 12 she gets stolen into the world of man and there's a huge adventure in trying to escape, trying to find out who her parents are...Stuff :)But, I really liked it. I've read the Lionboy series by the same authors (I think I'm right in saying Zizou Corder is the pen name of two people working together?), and I liked that they were dealing with new plot components, like the main character falling in love, and serious illness and suffering.But yeah. It's not heavy stuff, but it's totally morally upright; I guess you could say it challenges your views on war and stuff, but it doesn't really delve too deep. It's light reading, fun, and I really loved it.