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Emerald - Karen Wallace I normally really like this sort of thing, but this one didn't leave a great impression on me. All I could think of was things that didn't seem quite right. For example, Emerald and Sam fall desperately in love after having...what, two conversations? And they never even argue.Also, Karen Wallace had a great plot going for her, with secrets and lies and mysteries to unravel, but I couldn't feel the tension. Wallace is a good writer, but I honestly think she could have played it up a bit more. One character I did absolutely love though, was Meg. I loved her accent, I loved her personality, and I loved her relationships with Emerald, Sarah and Hetty. The ending was nice. I thought it could have been a little more exciting than a conversation with the servants, but it was happy. Everything was resolved, perhaps a little too well.I'm good at complaining about books, but in all honesty this - although it could have been better - could have easily been a lot worse.