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Bzrk - Michael Grant It was good...I think the science put me off. There is a ton of sciencey words in here that just went totally over my head.It's a really good - if slightly disturbing - idea, and the plot was really good. I must admit I was hoping to see whether Grant could carry a story from the POV of just one person, maybe even write in first person, just because it would be so different to the Gone series. But, I was disappointed in that respect.But...yeah. I think Michael Grant relishes the prospect of writing stories with as much gore as possible, but I also think he balanced it out quite well here.I also quite liked having the 'Artifacts' every now and again (even if I didn't always quite understand the science parts) - I thought they worked really well.So, yeah. Good book. Not as much my thing as I'd thought it would be.