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The Maze Runner - James Dashner It's always easier to start with the things I didn't like, and there were a few. The main thing was I disliked the main character. Tom. He annoyed me because he seemed a bit self-absorbed, pushy and very set on being the only hero. I mean, all that was OK - the really frustrating part was when pretty much every other character suddenly became best buddies with this guy. The other thing I thought could have been better was the community feel. There's nearly fifty boys who have been living together for two years; they're going to know each others' names, right? Well, in the book, we hear about five of them. And it's those five boys who do everything - the rest of them are a character-less mass of life that do nothing except what they're told. All that aside, this book was extremely fun to read. The whole mystery of it kept me reading all the way through, I cried my eyes out when Chuck died, and the ending was amazing. A cliff hanger without leaving the story unfinished is really hard to achieve, and Dashner rocked it.Yes, this book is really good. I do think, though, that it is more for a male audience, so whatever the comments say on the back, I still like the Hunger Games better.The majority of this review is negative because it's easy to complain. You may notice, however, that I gave this book five stars. No book is perfect, but James Dashner has done a very good job.