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Revolution - Jennifer Donnelly Well, 4.45 stars.I really liked this book. It's a great book. Character development, check. Interesting plot, check. Good standard of writing, check. So what made me drop the 0.55 star? Not that the narrator was self-pitying to the extreme. Not that some aspects of the plot, like Truman's key, didn't seem sensible to me. Not even the strange plot twist where Andi finds herself in Eighteenth Century France. It was, if I'm honest, the utterly depressing side of the story. Girl's brother dies, she becomes suicidal. If it wasn't so well written, and so very addictive, I may never have read this book.The ending, however, was very much a happy one. I had to read it twice to check. Maybe it was a little cliche, maybe it all worked out too well...but I don't care. It made me happy.I may have overdone it trying to explain the parts of this book I din't like so let me just clarify - this is an absolutely amazing book. I really love it, and I would read it again. Because hey, what book is perfect?