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Fear  - Michael  Grant I read the blurb, and I thought, "What, it goes dark? That's going to be so boring - what was he thinking?" Once again, I underestimated Michael Grant.I don't know how he pulls together a story with so many POVs, but it works so so well. Even in the dark, this thing is exciting - I absolutely couldn't put it down.It's horrific, really, what the kids have to deal with, but Grant doesn't go over the top with the whole blood and guts thing - he has a great balance of chat, action and getting in the heads of the characters.This book is a balancing act. While some people could attempt this sort of thing and end up with everything crashing down around them, Mr Grant keeps all the plates spinning with such effortless skill that he makes it look easy.I am full of love for this book, and cannot wait for Light! The final book in the series! >.